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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thankyouverymuch, Tweed

For years I've been aware of a rumour, an urban legend that began in the 1980's, about Elvis Presley. And Tweed.

There is even an Elvis Sighting Society.

 Really. And I note one of the most recent entries on their site describes a brush with the great one at the Tim Horton's in Tweed.

Because that's where Elvis is purported to be living out his retirement in obscurity. Relative obscurity. As there are Elvis festivals there - impersonators. Maybe.

 Now I was in Tweed yesterday, at the Tim's actually, but just for a coffee to add to my muffin lunch, after I spent the morning doing some research at the Tweed Heritage Centre,

The Tweed Heritage Centre! Now that is an Ali Baba's cave of Hastings County history - a portal to time travel, definitely.

Go. For research, browsing the artifacts, visiting the art gallery, the bookstore. Buy a china teacup or two. They're hard to get rid of these days.

unusual roofline
Evan Morton, self-confessed 60 hour a week volunteer and archivist extraordinaire, found everything I wanted and more in his overflowing archive room.

Before I left, I picked up a little Tweed Walking Tour Guide - introductions to 56 local homes and buildings of interest. Well, I ask you.

So. This is the Tweed Heritage Centre. It was the Houston house (1897), then a medical clinic, and in 1994 became the Museum/Archives/Genealogical Centre and Visitor/Promotion centre.

There's a railway right of way (now a recreational trail) running beside the property. The artifacts on display are CPR, but I expect this was the old Bay of Quinte Railway that travelled along south of Stoco Lake, where Marbank Road now runs.

So, Evan. For the great help and the warm welcome. Thankyou, thankyouverymuch.

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